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Impending Doom

May 23, 2010
I really try not to worry about things, and usually I do a pretty good job, especially if said things are completely out of my hands. But there is one thing I’m really worried about when it comes to this whole waiting-for-the-invitation thing. Actually, it’s more like a lot of things I’m worried about that all have the same cause. The worst part is: I’m about 98% sure my worries are valid and there is Absolutely Nothing I can do about it. I’m just anxiously awaiting the Impending Doom.

So what is the basis of all of my worries? What is causing the Impending Doom to loom in the distance, casting a dark shadow of worries over my already restless and anxious mind? One word: England. And the fact that I am here until August 27th. And I was nominated to leave in September.
I am worrying hardcore that me being in another country is not just going to make my invite unnecessarily difficult, but may actually seriously hinder the process. Let me break it down for you, and maybe try to find some solutions along the way:
  1. The Placement Office usually calls applicants before they are placed for last minute discussions and application run through. Well, considering I don’t have an international phone, I listed Super Dad’s phone number on my toolkit. So they’re going to call him, he’s going to have to let me know, and I’ll have to find a way to call them back from over here. SOLUTION: I have a phone card that I could use to call them back with, though the prospect of trying to work through this over a payphone is less than appealing. Maybe my flatmate will let me use her Internet phone…
  2. The actual, and hopeful, mailing of the invite, which will be sent to Super Dad’s address because it’s the one I listed on my toolkit. So he’s going to have to send it my way fast enough so I receive it within the 10 day acceptance window. SOLUTION: Two words: Express Mail. Though I wonder if I could change my toolkit to reflect my UK address, and maybe they could send it straight to me. Hmm…now there’s a thought… Oh, hey, that actually worked! Spiffy! See, it’s good to lay out your worries one by one instead of freaking about them en masse, sometimes you’re able to find a solution! Though I wonder why they accept international addresses but not phone numbers…
  3. Accepting the invitation. Need to be able to call them for that. SOLUTION: See worry #1.
  4. And, finally, the biggest fear: the passport. The reason the Peace Corps gives at least six weeks notice before departure is because of visa and passport processing. Okay, easy enough. Except I’m supposed to leave in September. And I’m not back in the States until late August. Anyone else see the problem with this? If I’m supposed to send in my passport for my visa, how am I supposed to get back into the country? SOLUTION: Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how this one will play out. Maybe they’ll allow me to mail it in a little later. Maybe I’ll be able to get back into the country with just a copy of my passport. Maybe I’ll be invited soon enough where I can send it to them and they can send it back to me before I have to try to re-enter the country. No clue. Don’t even want to begin to think about how I want to do some European traveling before heading back to the States and how that would work if my passport had to be sent in.

Wow, I actually feel a lot better breaking it all down like this. Still worried, especially about that passport thing, but better. But you know, despite my worries, and despite it feels like a runaway train is barreling towards me at 100 mph, I hope the Impending Doom comes. I hope it all comes, every hassle, every headache, every worry. Because along with the Impending Doom comes a beautiful big blue envelope with the words ‘You are invited to serve’ on it…