Send a Smile

You wanna make me smile and send me mail?! Oh, you wonderful person you!

Here is my mailing address in English:

Lampton, Michelle
PO Box 64
6 Khudiakova Str
Chernivtsi, 58002
Chernivetska Oblast

And in Ukrainian:

Ламптон, Мішель
А/С 64
Вул. Худякова, 6
М. Чернівці, 58002
Oбл. Чернівецька

Writing my address only in English will get your mail to me, but writing both will probably get your mail to me faster. Feel free to copy/paste/print the Ukrainian address, it is pretty hard to write.

Special notes for those special people who want to send me a package:

Due to new custom laws, please use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to send packages. If the declared value is less than $200 and the total weight is less than 50 kg, I won’t have to pay any fees and it is less likely to be messed with by customs. Make sure to label it with “Goods are for personal use.” Surface mail takes about two months while air mail takes two to three weeks. You are not allowed to send me medicine, jewlery, money, or raw/homemade food. Generally mail arrives in good condition, but sometimes letters and packages (especially if they are over $200) are tampered with and opened. Due to this fact, please do not send money, anything valuable, or culturally sensitive items.

My wish list (because I was requested to make one…):

  • Letters!
  • Pictures of you!
  • Food Stuffs! Please note that I’m trying to lose weight so please don’t send too much junk food – the temptation is horrible! Anyways, I’m not really picky, anything would be lovely, but here are some suggestions:
    • Jiff creamy peanut butter
    • Dried fruit like apricots (they have them here but are really expensive)
    • Honey roasted peanuts
    • Granola bars
    • Trail mix
    • Any kind of healthier snacks
    • Salsa
    • Tortilla chips (if possible…chips are hard to mail…)
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Any sort of boxed dinners

Honestly, though, if you want to send me a package, anything would be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for sending me a smile!



  1. Ok, we want to send a Christmas package your way but we have no idea what your new address is!! Can you send it over , please?

  2. I love your wish list! I should put pictures on my list too, those would be great to receive 🙂 I got dark chocolate covered Digestives in a package this week, and I almost peed my pants with excitement! haha I would say I’ll bring some to Chernivtsi this weekend, but the chances aren’t very good that there will be any left by Saturday, haha 🙂

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